Vestments, Pomor dresses, embroidery

pomor_kostum_1Members of St. Nina’s congregations operate a workshop that makes vestments for priests, recreates Pomor clothing, and does embroidery.

If you click the page of Scarlet Robe >> (that’s how “Bagryanitsa”, the name of the workshop, translates) or related posts >> you should see lots of photos.

There is more about it in English in the Arts, crafts, and souvenirs >> section of If you are into souvenirs, “Scarlet” may be the only worthy source of these things in Kandalaksha.

Address and contact:

Ulitsa Frunze 9, +7 911 301 3797, +7 911 305 0721,

Some more photos:

bagryanica_1  bagryanica_2  bagryanica_3

bagryanica_4  bagryanica_5

Machine and manual embroidery. Pearls, corrals, malachite, carnelian, amethyst(of which there is a lot in Kola), muranova glass, Swarovski crystals, beads, gimp, lace and much more I don’t know the meaning of. Souvenirs, brooches, paintings, panels,cosmetics bags etc. Clergy vestments, liturgy sets, prayer book covers and such. Traditional Pomor clothing, elements of old woman’s clothing, historic reconstructions. Custom orders, workshops.

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Vestments, Pomor dresses, embroidery — 3 комментария

  1. If you click the page of Scarlet >> (that’s the name of the workshop) or posts related to this projects >> you should see lots of photos.

    ссылки не работают (нет такой страницы)

  2. Уведомление: Pomor clothing | KANDALAKSHA (Kola peninsula, Murmansk oblast) and vicinity

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