St. Nina, Enlightener of Georgia

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St. Nina, Equal to the apostles and englightener of Georgia, Reposed 335 AD, commemorated in the Eastern Orthodoxy on January 14/27.

If two dates are given, the first one is Julian and the second one is modern Gregorian calendar. The Orthodox church uses the Julian one, without an extra leap year every century, which by now put it 13 days behind. 

Two stories of St. Nina on

St. Nino and the Conversion of Georgia

Life of St. Nina

St. Nino is the Georgian version of the name while Russians and others use the form “Nina”.

The St. Nina Quarterly is a periodical dedicated to the ministry of women in the Orthodox church. Please note the story of St. Nina with references to contemporary historians.

Catholic Online has a story of St. Nina.

There is a Monastery of St. Nina at Union Bridge, Maryland.

Icons are a big – key – part of the Orthodox creed. See this collection of icons of St. Nina.

Here is a sermon on St. Nina, delivered on Jan. 14/27 in the church of St. Vladimir in Ann Arbor, MI:

A historical drama about St. Nina and the christening of Georgia (Iberia) is presently being made by Gia Kereselidze. Here is the trailer:

The Bodbe Convent in Eastern Georgia, where St. Nina’s relics are resting:

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