Eastern Orthodox resources in English

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Below is a compilation of links to help a speaker of English and a westerner by culture understand Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the most common religion in Russia.


  • NEW www.orthodox-christianity.org – an extensive and up-to-date compilation of Orthodox resources in English
  • Ancient Faith Radio. Live streams of both music and talk, and call-in programs on Sunday evenings, and dozens of podcasts. Note the “Let Us Attend” podcast of Sunday Gospel readings for kids, and the “Under the Grapevine” special podcast, which includes a reading of the Chronicles of Narnia.

Churches, monasteries, congregations


  • hesychasm.ru/en/  An explanation of hesychasm (“stillness”), an integral part and perhaps even the core of the Eastern Orthodox tradition, and a compilation of English sources on hesychasm.


More is coming up.


The webmaster is not a church person and cannot guarantee that resources he picked out conform to standards of purity and represent the actual Orthodoxy as it is understood and practiced in the present-day Russia. Those who know better are welcomed to make comments and suggestions or, if authorized, corrections.

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